You Ain’t Got To Wait Till Black Friday


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by HP! All thoughts are my own.

The minute the kids whipped off their Halloween costumes last night I was in holiday mode. Like clockwork. The memes are true. Today is actually late in the holiday shopping game for me but that’s what kinda year it’s been. My family’s Christmas wish lists are in. My 10 year old gamer is asking for a faster laptop and Chris is hinting at a new laptop. We usually don’t go all out for Christmas, we ain’t the type to splurge. I consider myself pretty conservative when it comes to holiday spending, we do $100 per kid. Yep. And I’m not the type to do Black Friday. I did it a few years ago and quickly realized I am not ’bout that life.

But check it out, you ain’t got to wait till Black Friday or Cyber Monday this year for the best deals. You can totally get an HP laptop for half the price. Right now – the presale starts today. A 15″ HD touchscreen with flexpay (you don’t need an HSN credit card, it’s like layaway but better – they ship the product right away), lifetime tech support, 7 exclusive colors, free shipping…  HSN is the place to get the buy the must-have, lowest-priced HP laptop of the year. I’m plotting + planning on getting my husband a new laptop and giving the 10 year old his. Cause the way I see it, Duke will have a new to him laptop and $100 to spend on whatever he wants. YASSSSSSS. 

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Make Blogging Great Again


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by HP! All thoughts are my own.

Showing off my space today… cause I finally cleaned it! It was an intense few weeks. I went on a super fun press trip to San Diego, spoke on a panel at #BlogHer16 in LA, back to San Diego with my fam + in-laws. I actually tried to be fancy and show off my new 17″ laptop from HP while I was on vacation but see what had happened was… the gorgeous Airbnb wasn’t coming through with that feel good look good natural light. I cry! Returned home with full memory cards and to internet that just wanted to give up. It took four days for new internet to get installed. Basically a lifetime in online years. So yeah, I cleaned! Staring at the clutter day in and day out was messing with my energy. And to create you need that good energy.

The panel I spoke on at BlogHer ’16 was “Keeping Friends During a Heated Political Season”. I wore this bold hat the day of my session to get the convo started. Just as bold as the sharp designs of HP laptops, available in silver, blue, white, red and teal.

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Google Yourself, bae.


If there’s one blogger thing I live for, it is blogger conferences. I look forward to it at least once a year and if I’m lucky, twice a year. It is where I get to escape… just kidding. It is where I get to hang with my peeps and feed off their energy and exchange ideas. I’m getting ready to attend #WeAllGrow Summit in Long Beach, CA. Actually I’m working the conference but when work is fun…

The cool thing is I won’t actually have to fly anywhere, Long Beach is my hometown and only 15 miles from me. The thing about that though is since I’m local, I’m lagging on packing. We’re talking only two days left of preparing and packing. There is sooo much to do. I brought out my business cards cause you can’t go to a conference and not have those. You might be wondering why I’m sharing all this, going back home got me thinking… maybe I should Google myself to see what’s currently out there about me. Have you ever googled yourself? What did you find?

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Sprint #SuperBOLD50 Twitter Party!!!


It’s going to be a huge surprise to everyone but this lady!

The BIG GAME is here! You know the one! To kick off this weekend’s fun, I’ll be co-hosting the @Sprint and @SprintLatino #SuperBOLD50 Twitter party with my friends this Saturday night! Sprint is making a BOLD announcement that you do not want to miss! We’re giving away $500 in Amazon gift cards too!!

Did you know switching to Sprint will save you 50% off of your rate plan, YAASSSSS!

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Giving Myself The Gift Of Data


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Walmart Family Mobile. All opinions are mine alone. #TheGiftOfData #CollectiveBias

I made the biggest mistake earlier this year when we got ourselves into a contract. I don’t know what I was thinking but my eyes popped out at the first bill we got and we’re stuck for at least another 18 months. I had to go on a data diet. The toddler could not use my phone to play games or watch videos, I couldn’t cover events on Persicope, I had to wait to get home to upload to Instagram via wifi. It was the worst way to live, especially in the business I’m in! I was starting to use my 9 year old’s phone cause he has Walmart Family Mobile! (I wrote about it here.) And then he was like… why don’t you get a backup phone to use at events? And I was like… yassssss you are right! Merry Christmas to me! You deserve the gift of data too.

I celebrated my savings by vintage and one-of-a-kind Christmas gift shopping at Long Beach Antique Market yesterday + showed off my new data service plan by covering it on Snapchat! More data, more fun! Especially around the holidays!

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This Is How I Save For Summer

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Walmart Family Mobile. All opinions are mine alone. #Save4Summer #CollectiveBias


Little known fact: I don’t save for Christmas, I save for summer. Summer means vacation and fun. And we like vacation and we like fun. Unfortunately travel for a family of six is crazy expensive so we only do one trip a year. Summer is essentially our Christmas. This year we decided to take a break on travel since my parents and sister were coming here for my firstborn’s high school graduation. That ended up being a mini vacation. We played tourists with them and took them to our favorite places. But still, the wanderlust got me like… let’s do an epic Vegas vacation with kids. Allow me to introduce you to how I save for summer!

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FiOS SoCal Experience at Fiesta Hermosa


Memorial Day has always signaled the start of summer for me. After paying our respects to our fallen Americans, we get decked out in our summer best, pack on the sunblock and head to Hermosa Beach for Fiesta Hermosa – a free festival that features over 300 artists and crafters with live bands, kiddie carnival, charity beer & wine garden and food court. The festival was off my radar until Verizon invited me and the family to check it out last year. We had an amazing time and was thrilled to return this year (hello new traditions!) to check out the FiOS SoCal Experience. Since launching FiOS SoCal Experience in 2013, Verizon has given $122,500 in grants and employees have provided more than 1,300 volunteer hours to Southern California charities. In 2015, the FiOS SoCal Experience will continue to make contributions and will include providing tech-based educational opportunities, green building initiatives and volunteer time to help empower local organizations.

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Surprising Daddy With Simply Prepaid from T-Mobile

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ChangingPrepaid #CollectiveBias
#ChangingPrepaid raisedbyculture.comJust when I was leaving for a conference I was working, my husband’s phone (it is a dinosaur, he’s not into having the newest phone every year) started dying. The same way mine died last year… beeping that it wasn’t charged but it was, beeping when it was charging, beeping all the time. And just as I was about to promise that I would buy him a new one when I got home in a week, it was fine. But I made up my mind that when I got home, we would surprise him anyways with Simply Prepaid from T-Mobile. The cool thing about us is we’re both savvy about our money and all about prepaid plans even though it gets a bad rap. I’m just not into being locked into a tricky contract for two or more years of my life. That is a huge commitment and life changes so fast, a lot can happen in two years! Don’t settle for second-rate prepaid wireless when you can have it all (4G LTE data with unlimited talk and text for $40 a month!)

You know how you make giving a phone special? Take pictures and make videos! I did a really short and cute one thanking him for holding our family down. Omie wanted to show off his t-shirt (toddlers really really love phones) and Duke made a video basically saying, here’s your phone!

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HP x360 Bend The Rules Four Free Time

Super excited to partner with HP + Meghan Trainor to show off the HP x360 cause it is awesome! #bendtherules

My life is crazy busy right now.
(Not Meghan Trainor busy but busy enough!)
I leave tomorrow to tour farms in Coachella Valley, get back Sunday, home for a couple days, off to LA for a conference and when that is all said and done on March 1st, I have to start planning two parties. Two parties in two weeks. Not that I’m complaining, I’m just saying! I bend the rules by scheduling free time for my sanity. This is necessary when you work-at-home. Especially when you work-at-home. I know working at home sounds easy enough but no. Get you some free time.

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Gameband for your Minecraft Maniac


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GameOnTheGo #CollectiveBias#GameOnTheGo raisedbyculture.comI had to take a picture the day I bought my kid this Gameband cause I don’t remember the last time he gave me that big of a smile! I do remember exactly when Duke got sucked into the world that is Minecraft. The curiosity started last summer, he played the demo for a few months and asked for a “real” account for Christmas. That’s when it sort of becomes a blur – the laptop we handed down to him was old and outdated, running slow and we decided to buy him a new laptop. I assumed he would just log on to his Minecraft account and his meticulously crafted Worlds would be there. WRONG. Whoa was I ever wrong. There were tears. Actual tears. Fast forward to the new Gameband Minecraft™ that hit stores just in time for the holidays (but not only for the holidays) – it lets you take your Worlds with you and play anywhere, anytime – on any computer. Even at the big bad wolf, I mean grandma’s house!

We found it at Target! Right in the Mobile/Cloud Gaming section.

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The PlaceUs We Go


#PlaceUsWeGo Thank you PlaceUs for sponsoring today’s post! Last year I traveled without my family more times than I’d like to admit. When it’s for work, like it always is when I’m traveling solo, I’m always struggling with trying to get situated in a new city and making the time to let my husband know I landed or where I’m at so he doesn’t worry because really, I would want the same consideration from him. I convinced Chris and our 17 year old son to download the PlaceUs app (iPhone / Android) to check it out with me. Now that the teenager is driving, it gives us peace of mind especially after his accident. I’ll admit it was a hard sell for Ty because… teenagers. What I love about PlaceUs:

  • It seamlessly allows you to keep track of your family on a private map, locate your loved ones through GPS, and know when they get to where they are going. Ty came over for dinner with his girlfriend last Friday, I usually tell him to text or call me when he gets home so I know he’s safe. He usually forgets so I was able to just check on the app if he made it home. Love!
  • You don’t have to worry about time-consuming check ins when you arrive places. Traveling for work is hectic. I’m always running around and just busy. Chris was able to check the app to see where I was and match it to my itinerary.
  • It is super easy to use, you can set it up and forget about it.
  • Privacy controls – you control who sees your locations at all times. 
  • Optimized for battery efficiency. Because you need your battery for other things like selfies!
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