Post Mom 2.0 Summit Bacon


Shout out to Denny’s for bringing the bacon. Shout out to my roomies Amber, Amber + Lori.

The morning after a conference is the roughest. You probably spent all night laughing, dancing or both. The loudness of your girlfriends is different from the loudness of your home. There’s packing up what you brought and all the swag you need to bring home, wondering how you will hide it from your husband who explicitly said do not bring any swag home. An inevitable checkout time (I HAVE TO GO HOME?!) and those awkward goodbyes with your homies/roomies. May they be one in the same. This is the story of us and bacon.

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An LA Sunday Funday

#SundayFunday #DriveKia

♫ Cause it’s Sunday last day for a fun day
Back to business as usual come Monday ♫

By the power of the internet, let’s flashback to March. My work with We All Grow Summit wrapped up and I planned on taking a month off. I lowkey laid on the couch for a week. But that’s not really how this life goes. You have to be ready for anything. My homies at DriveShop happened to reach out to me during my break and was like do you want to roll in a 2016 Mazda3 s GT for a week? OH YES. It was time to get out and do thangs. I wanted in on a good ol’ LA Sunday Funday for sure. We did want to see what the Shake Shack hype was all about. And maybe some shopping and art gawking.

These three. Lovers of shiny cars, smooth rides + a bumpin’ system. Me = lover of safety. Happy to be in a car that isn’t ours? ALL THE WAY YES. Happy to be cruising in a 2016 Mazda3 s GT to LA? YESSIR. Buckle up fellas + let’s ride!

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Lomo Saltado For The Soul


Thank you VonsPavilions for sponsoring this post. Check out the new Signature family of brands from VonsPavilions, with more than 4,000 Signature products available and a 100% money-back guarantee.

I’m a work at home mama + wife working way more hours than I’d like to admit. I don’t have traditional work hours and have to stop working when the kids need me. I’m usually attached to my computer for the first few hours I’m awake. I almost always have to take calls or get on a conference call right around lunch and by the time dinner rolls around, I’m done with the day. So right now we aren’t eating the way I’d like. And that wife guilt is rough. The mom guilt even rougher. I’m trying to get better at cooking for my family. Pavilions NEW Signature line is helping me get better. The NEW Signature line, available exclusively at Pavilions, includes more than 4,000 items – from coffee to juice, soup to cereal, fresh produce to fried chicken, and delicious prepared foods to trusted home staples – all with a 100% money back guarantee. 

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Keeping Your Home Safe For Kids


Thank you to Tide + Latina Bloggers Connect for sponsoring this important discussion about safety!

If you ask me what phase of life I’m in, I’d tell you I’m on the refresher course of parenting. This is where I’m teaching my firstborn how to be a parent to my first grandchild. I’m putting an emphasis on safety because let’s be real, things have changed dramatically since he was a baby in the 90s but one thing remains the same, it only takes a second for an everyday household item to become a danger. Especially for families with children age 5 and younger. Laundry pacs didn’t even exist way back then! Still considered a new form, many don’t even realize they are a laundry detergent. I teamed up with Tide to bring you tips on how to keep your home safe both in and out of the laundry room!

Studies show that while parents often take precautions to properly child proof their home, such as locking away cleaning products in their kitchens, the laundry area is often overlooked.

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Trix x Pan Dulce Ice Cream Sandwiches

#HoneyNutCheerios #NuestroCereal

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with General Mills + Acorn Influence. All thoughts are my own.

I’m THAT mama. The one that concocts those crazy fun food creations. I might say that I create for the kids but between you and me, it is kinda for me. I’m young at heart and I like what I make. I consider myself a food matchmaker of sorts. You can find me daydreaming in food, ohhhing and ahhhing, this food will go with this and with that. That’s how I think. There is really only one thing my children want to celebrate Día de los Niños. Ice cream. Ice cream is the theme around our celebrations + traditions. Add cereal to the mix and you got a party and good memories.
#HoneyNutCheerios #NuestroCereal

The inspiration for these Trix x Pan Dulce Ice Cream Sandwiches comes from an ice cream social I hosted with my BFF a few years ago but made better from a late night adventure Chris & I took our then 9 year old Duke on last year. My sister was visiting from TX and we went to get a milky bun (donut ice cream sandwich, HELLO!) at 10pm. We never take the boys out that late! Duke still talks about it to this day. We got to pick out ice cream and add cereal toppings. YASSS! Just stroll down the cereal aisle at your Walmart and grab a box of Trix!

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Welcome To LA, CVS Pharmacy y más


When I get invited to an event, I ask myself two questions 1) is this a brand I support or can see myself supporting? 2) will this help my friends, family or readers in some way? I couldn’t reply YES fast enough to the invite to the grand opening of the newly remodeled and rebranded CVS pharmacy y más store in Bell. See, I’m totally down with #CVSymas and I put my word on it. You have to admire a company that removes tobacco out of all their stores and truly cares about the communities they are in.

CVS pharmacy y más is a unique shopping destination offering Hispanic customers the convenience of a one-stop shop, where they can receive CVS Pharmacy’s best-in-class pharmacy services as well as personalized products and services that better meet their diverse needs, in an environment that feels like home.

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Oreo Dulce de Leche Waffle Bowls


Thank you to Nabisco + Latina Bloggers Connect for sponsoring my merienda memories + creating new ones!

My Nana always hooked it up at merienda time. You know that sweet spot between lunch + dinner. The days I got to go to her house after school, I remember bursting in the kitchen, almost breaking down her screen door, to see what she made for me. I would throw my backpack in the corner, hop in my Papa’s chair at the head of the table, legs dangling, waiting to be served. She’d tell me, “wait for dinner” and give me a few Oreo cookies on a plate with a glass of milk. She returned to her spot in front of the stove, working on dinner. Having her back to me, she’d remind me “don’t make a mess”, “wipe off your milk moustache” and that’s the way it was and it was all good. I didn’t realize how fancy cookies on a plate were until I got older and didn’t have that luxury anymore. I wanted to take a new Nabisco spin on traditional favorites for Día del Niño and was so inspired to turn up the yum with this fun and delicious OREO Dulce de Leche Parfait Recipe.


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Google Yourself, bae.


If there’s one blogger thing I live for, it is blogger conferences. I look forward to it at least once a year and if I’m lucky, twice a year. It is where I get to escape… just kidding. It is where I get to hang with my peeps and feed off their energy and exchange ideas. I’m getting ready to attend #WeAllGrow Summit in Long Beach, CA. Actually I’m working the conference but when work is fun…

The cool thing is I won’t actually have to fly anywhere, Long Beach is my hometown and only 15 miles from me. The thing about that though is since I’m local, I’m lagging on packing. We’re talking only two days left of preparing and packing. There is sooo much to do. I brought out my business cards cause you can’t go to a conference and not have those. You might be wondering why I’m sharing all this, going back home got me thinking… maybe I should Google myself to see what’s currently out there about me. Have you ever googled yourself? What did you find?

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Sprint #SuperBOLD50 Twitter Party!!!


It’s going to be a huge surprise to everyone but this lady!

The BIG GAME is here! You know the one! To kick off this weekend’s fun, I’ll be co-hosting the @Sprint and @SprintLatino #SuperBOLD50 Twitter party with my friends this Saturday night! Sprint is making a BOLD announcement that you do not want to miss! We’re giving away $500 in Amazon gift cards too!!

Did you know switching to Sprint will save you 50% off of your rate plan, YAASSSSS!

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An Epic Vegas Vacation With Kids

#DriveHyundai #LifeIsBeautiful

You know you had an epic summer vacation when you are barely recovering in January. We usually do one big family trip out of state every year. Orlando, FL in 2013. Austin and San Antonio, TX in 2014. 2015 was going to be mellow. I was actually happy that our families were going to come to us. On the trip radar: Palm Springs for my epic birthday (more on that soon) and a Las Vegas primer for the kids. I did Life is Beautiful Festival solo in 2014 and had to take the familia. Art, music, learning and food – I was into it and knew they would be too. On this year’s lineup, our favorites Kendrick Lamar, Run the Jewels and Ghostface Killah with BADBADNOTGOOD.

The wanderlust was strong, I even curated a story about what we’d do in Vegas with the kids.

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Three Kings Day Shopping With JCPenney

#JCPStyle #DiMeMedia

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with JCPenney and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Christmas and New Year’s went by completely way too fast for me. It was like time just ran out. I didn’t get to get my shopping on like I wanted to. I definitely had to make up for it with some Three Kings Day shopping at JCPenney. This year is our first year celebrating Día de Los Reyes and I wanted to make Rosca de Reyes for my familia. I was on the hunt for fancy décor, new kitchenware and fun gifts that will last a lifetime so my sons will continue the tradition.

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